Who collects your information?

We’re low-power electronics experts. You can reach us here:

Quicksand BVBA
Ovenhoek 3
8800 Roeselare
+32 51 22 47

How we collect your data

We collect your name, address, company name and VAT number, phone number and email address when you place an order on our website. This is the information that you fill in to our website.

Why we collect data

If you place an order, then we need to know where to send the order. We also know who we should het in touch with in case of an issue with the order.  That is the only reason for us to collect data.

With who do we share your data

We share your name and address info with the company who delivers the packets for us, bPost.

How we protect your data

Our servers run in a secure datacenter, we limit the amount of people who have access to our webshop and we ensure we’re running all latest security updates on the server. We run regular backups and in general do our best effort to ensure your data stays where you left it.

How long we store your data

We keep your account on our server for future orders. In case you want us to remove that data after an order was shipped, please make a note when placing the order to inform us about it. In that case we will remove your data from our system when the order is delivered.

In general we apply the following retention periods:

  • inactive accounts are removed after 12 months
  • pending orders are removed after 30 days
  • failed orders are removed after 30 days
  • cancelled orders are removed after 30 days
  • completed orders are removed after 12 months

And what about your rights

You have the absolute and complete right to ask us to remove your account and the info you provided us with from our database. Please send such request to info@quicksand.be together with the number of the invoice of your order as proof of identity and we will take action promptly.

Where we process your data

Your data is collected and processed in the EU.

When was the last revision of this privacy policy

2018-06-21 : v1.0