SIGFOX is coming, we’re ready!

Great news: the long-range and ultra low-power wireless network technology Sigfox is being deployed in Belgium. Based on our experience with the smart valve we’re ready to develop new and exciting applications that use this technology. The robust wireless link and the low power consumption offered by Sigfox enables a myriad of applications that were technically impossible up to now.

Plug-in. Compile. Connect.

The QW ecosystem is designed to rapidly explore the Sigfox network. It is a SIGFOX certified development kit based on the MBED toolflow combined with open source application examples . Developing and evaluating a custom Sigfox application can be established in under 10 minutes after opening the box. Simply download one of the code examples, tailor it to your needs, compile and program, done.

QW, making low energy RF effortless. Download Brochure.

You can order a QW Sigfox development kit by contacting us.